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Tapentadol Medication

Tapentadol is the name for tablets that doctors typically prescribe to help treat acute pain that they expect to go away fairly soon. In some cases, doctors might also prescribe this medication for very severe pain from nerve damage that isn’t expected to go away on its own. Learn more about this narcotic medication to see if Tapentadol can offer the best pain relieving medication for you.

About Tapentadol Tablets

Tapentadol is a narcotic medication. The medical community has become increasingly concerned about the dangers of people getting addicted to this type of pain killers when they rely upon them for an extended period of time. Also, your body may get used to one dose after a long time and need higher doses as time goes by.

That’s why doctors usually prefer to prescribe this kind of pain reliever to people for short-term use. For instance, they may prescribe Tapentadol to people who have suffered an illness or injury that is expected to heal in the near future.

However, in some cases, doctors might prescribe these tablets for long-term use, but they usually only do that if other medications have failed and the pain is constant and severe. An example of this is the kind of nerve pain that diabetics may suffer from. In these cases, the doctors may decide that the benefits of pain relief are greater than the risk of addiction or overdose. Typically, they will make these kinds of decisions on a case-by-case basis for patients who don’t already have a history of addiction or drug abuse.

What To Know If Your Doctor Prescribes Tapentadol

If you visit your doctor because you are suffering from pain, you should tell them about any other medications that you take. This is particularly true if these medications include MAO inhibitors, other pain relievers, and other narcotics. Even if the drugs are safe on their own, they may not interact will with each other.

Your doctor might tell you that he needs to find another pain reliever, that you should stop taking one of the other medications, or that he needs to adjust the dose. You should also tell your doctor about herbal supplements and over-the-counter medications AND if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The doctor needs to know these things to evaluate the risk of taking Tapentadol when compared to the benefits.

How To Handle An Overdoes

It is possible to overdose on this medication. If you have problems breathing, feel very sleepy, or suffer other symptoms, you can call 911 or the national hotline at 1-800-222-1222. The possibility of an overdose or addiction is one reason that doctors don’t like to prescribe this drug for long-term use if they can avoid it.

In some cases, Tapentadol might offer the best solution for acute or chronic pain. This kind of pain could be disabling or interfere with the quality of life. Always commit to taking Tapentadol according to the instructions on the label. If a patient has trouble taking medication on their own, it’s important for that patient to get a caregiver to assist them.

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